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EBAM Production Services

Exotic Metal Fabrication

Massive Work Envelope

Chamber Size

150"(X)  x  170"(Y)  x  120"(Z)

3810mm(X)  x  4318mm(Y)  x  3048mm(Z)

Nominal Part Envelope

12'2"(X)  x  6'10"(Y)  x  5'2"(Z)

3708mm(X)  x  2083mm(Y)  x  1575mm(Z)


EBAM reduces the time and costs associated with traditional manufacturing (i.e. forgings and castings), and has a faster deposition rate (up to 10x) with industry-leading scalability.
Simply put: Sciaky’s EBAM® technology is the most cost-effective metal 3D printing process in the world.

EBAM Advantage

Sciaky's innovative IRISS process control virtually eliminates  inconsistencies from the first to the last layer. Because IRISS is  self-adjusting, it maintains key process characteristics through the  manufacturing cycle, which results in high-quality parts. The iterative  nature of our control technology results in designs with greater  complexity, performance and cost reductions, compared to passive,  open-loop monitoring systems offered by others in the AM industry.

Why FAMAero + Sciaky?


Higher Deposition Rate = More Product

Up to 25lbs per hour of deposition in Titanium!!!

Image Courtesy of Sciaky

Scale = More Opportunity

Our build envelope is 20x larger than the alternative!!! Image Courtesy of Sciaky click to see Sciaky process in action.