EBAM Advantages

Deposition Rates

 As for the brawn, EBAM gross deposition rates range from 7 to 25 lbs.  (3.18 to 11.34 kg) of metal per hour, depending upon the selected  material and part features, making it the fastest metal additive  manufacturing process in the market. The reported maximum deposition  rate of laser-based wire-feed is 48.0 g/min, which translates to 6.4 lbs.  (2.9 kg) per hour. [8] Typical SLM and EBM metal powder AM approaches,  on the other hand, produce 0.22 to 0.44 lbs. (0.1 to 0.2 kg) per hour.  [7] In addition, powder-fed laser directed energy deposition methods  (i.e. blown powder techniques) top out around 5 lbs. (2.27 kg) per hour. 

Material Costs

 For example, on average, AM-grade Titanium 6AI-4V powder is about 141% more expensive than the average cost of Titanium 6AI-4V wire – and  Titanium wire generally has a faster turnaround time than Titanium  powder (sometimes as much as 4 weeks). AM-grade Tantalum powder is 7%  more expensive than the average cost of Tantalum wire. Dramatically, both AM-grade Inconel 625 powder and AM-grade Stainless Steel 316 powder are double the average cost of their wire counterparts.

Material Properties

 Our innovative IRISS process control virtually eliminates  inconsistencies from the first to the last layer. Because IRISS is  self-adjusting, it maintains key process characteristics through the  manufacturing cycle, which results in high-quality parts. The iterative  nature of our control technology results in designs with greater  complexity, performance and cost reductions, compared to passive,  open-loop monitoring systems offered by others in the AM industry. 


  • Aircraft frames, structures, and parts (view case study)
  • Jet Engines
  • Rocket / Missile / Propulsion
  • Oil & Gas Equipment
  • Turbine Blades for Energy Production
  • Nuclear Components
  • Refractory Metal Components
  • Ballistic Materials (for military vehicles and tanks)
  • Medical Equipment
  • Cladding of Critical Surfaces for Corrosion or Thermal Barrier Protection
  • Industrial Pump Components
  • Power Generation
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
  • Tooling Repair and Reconditioning
  • Marine Propulsion

Precision Deposition

  • The IRISS real-time closed-loop control is integrated with Sciaky EBAM 3D-printing systems
  • Digital parameter control and adjustments are made in response to real-time measured data, without process disruption
  • Records every second of deposition, so the entire build can be  reviewed, verifying consistency and keeping a record for later review
  • Prevents surprises by dynamically adjusting parameters to maintain part integrity
  • Better insures net shape fabrication and reduces post processing time and costs such as machining and inspection

Closed Loop Control System

 Sciaky brings together both quality and control in one step with IRISS®  – the Interlayer Real-time Imaging and Sensing System. IRISS is the  only real-time adaptive control system in the market that can sense and  digitally self-adjust metal deposition with precision and repeatability.